a beach.

I tried to take my visiting friends to this magical, glorious, lighthouse beach, but ended up trusting a gps too much and landing us in the complete wrong place.  Luckily there was a beach right next to it, so we just wandered around there. I like that in Rhode Island, even if you go in the wrong direction, there is probably still a beach right nearby.


  1. thank you for your sweet comment :) i love wearing dresses to collect the hens eggs! i'm going to follow you too <3

    p.s. i, too, have been victim of trusting the gps too much and ending up in someplace really random-- it happened to me this past weekend actually! i was not amused-- haha

    have a lovely weekend!+

  2. these pictures are hilarious and perfect all wrapped up into one! this makes me really want to fly somewhere and head to the beach asap!
    xo TJ


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