a good start.

 Some really beautiful things have been happening these days.  I've been making new friends, learning new things (like how to card & spool wool!), seeing some live music, and mainly feeling a lot better than I have over this past month or so.
And today was the start of Melissa and I's trip to the south (yes, again) to see a friend's band play at a music festival in the nc mountains! She picked me up in Rhode Island and we started everything off really well with a stop at the beach and hot chocolates at the little art cafe nearby.  


  1. Beautiful pebbly beach. I love all the beautiful things you were describing.

  2. Don't you just love when things are finally going your way? I feel that too lately. Maybe it has something to do with spring.

    Have a wonderful trip :)

  3. This is all too beautiful. I love the photos too. It seems that taking photos this lovely tend to make the activities even more ideal and enjoyable. xxx


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