dog chapel.

The story is cheesy and sweet.  A man wanted to commemorate the things he valued most which were his family and his dog.  So, he created the Dog Chapel in St. Johnsbury, Vermont - a place with pews shaped for dogs and a podium at a dog-appropriate height.  The walls are plastered with photos and testimonials for dogs living and past.  It's the sweetest.  Every month or so there are dog parties up there and I was lucky enough to go and see all the dogs running free on the many acres of land - swimming in the lake and group games of fetch.  It turns out if you take leashes off of dogs they all play really nicely together - so many dogs running around and no fights!  Plus, there were so many hiking trails on the land which meant walking around picking flowers and eating wild blackberries.  Nothing better.


  1. awww!! This is truly the sweetest thing!

  2. "No dogmas allowed"? I bet they were pretty chuffed when they thought of that.


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