The leaves are turning everywhere and autumn has never been more beautiful than in Vermont.  With the weather getting crisp I've cranked up the levels of cozy around my place - homemade cinnamon oatmeals and outings to get hot apple cider and orange scones.  I can't wait until it's too cold for me to do anything but bake pies and drink warm things.

Also, I've got a week off of schools so I'm already savoring my free time - currently writing this post with a woodstove to my left and a dog to my right.  Nothing like kicking off a road trip with a stop at the grandmother's house.


  1. How lovely! When I see these picture and think of how incredible Vermont must look during fall, I almost regret a little that I can't see home (Norway) in the fall colors. It is usually incredible beautiful.

    Have a delightful trip! I hope you show us some photos when you get back?

  2. PS. Can I ask what film you are shooting with? Or can I guess? I guess Kodak Portra or ProFoto XL? These are beautiful, either way :)


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