These last few weeks I start each day by walking next door to the bakery and learning to make some  new delicious thing.  I can now successfully create raspberry twists, lavache, owl eyes, maple cracked wheat loaves, and just a plain-ol'- classic croissant.  Each class is 6 hours long but it flies by and I can actually say I enjoy school.  Kneading away at the dough, braiding rolls, and shaping croissants I finally feel that I'm learning something useful.  And at the end of each class we get to taste all the things we've made- I'm fully prepared to double in size.


  1. Demetria, that is AWESOME! I really admire women who can bake well. Honestly, my first experience with active yeast was only a few weeks ago! I had to search YouTube to learn how to knead dough properly. Haha! It was so much fun!

  2. I so much love home made croissants. I don't bake them often, as they are incredibly time consuming. But when I do, they usually turn out delicious...


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