A family member's wedding in Carolina is the perfect excuse for making a flower crown, I thought.  Even if it is a pretty traditional southern congregation and you look like a hippie child running around in your folk printed summer dress with a flower crown bouncing on your head.

I was shipped of to this wedding in my old home territory a couple of weekends ago, and despite that this side of the family is quite different from myself, it was still a beautiful time - the comfort of family in the warm North Carolina sun, with all my childhood southern go-to foods nearby.

I was going to try to do a how-to on making a flower crown, but this one was really fashioned pretty shabbily. I found one big stalk - tied it around my head with a knot at the end, then attached assorted flowers to the stalk band using the stems of the flowers.  It held together, but just for the length of the wedding.  Anyway, ever since Melissa and I made flower crowns in Washington  I'm looking for every excuse to make one, so hopefully I'll be able to make a sturdy one soon and do a proper how-to.


  1. You know there's a whole lotta hippie going on here in Asheville, even though it is the south :) Love your flower crown! I used to make them every year for the boys' birthdays until they outgrew them. Seeing how radiant you look makes me think of making myself one for my birthday next month. Hope you had a great trip and you're off to Vermont safely.

    1. Jenny, yes I used to live in Asheville! I loved it there, it was such a beautiful place to be after leaving high school in a little more close -minded southern town. I want to go back and visit soon!
      And thank-you!

    2. When you come for a visit, you're welcome to stay here at the farm :) And we'll have to take you to check out Carolina Ground flour mill that a group of local bakers opened. Love my local flour!

  2. Looks cute on you! I like flower crowns.. it reminds me so much of my childhood.


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