port townsend, wa

... where the fawns roam freely in the street, the air is always crisp, and all moments happen along the water.  We had a sweet, quiet few days - playing music and singing on driftwood by the ocean, marinating in coffee shops, taking long walks - the usual.

Our time together is always special and refreshing in a way that I feel is quite rare.  Something about being together allows me to relax and let myself go - feel more. It is something that I can only appreciate after we've parted, and I notice the small transformation that occurred.

Also, geez, are you seeing this place.


  1. Oh gosh, these are so beautiful. Can't believe you were so close to the fawn, that photo is fantastic! And I am totally & completely loving your style.
    Lucy xo | We Resolve Blog

  2. It feels so much like a sweet dream, I love you sister.

  3. going to PT next week en route to poulsbo where my mom-in-law has a little gallery! she's got a show up right now that we're hoping to see. Hope some day you and i can be there at the same time.

  4. Ahh, I love Port Townsend. Have you been to Copper Canyon Press? These are beautiful photos and as always, ya'll have such darling threads!


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