Vancouver Island Gatherings.

As I mentioned a bit before, a couple of weeks ago I was carried off to British Columbia to make a promotional video for a Gluten Free Health & Wellness video going on up there.  It was a new, exciting, and terrifying  opportunity - a lot to get done with the 3 weeks I had to work with.  I've been waiting to post until I finally got all of it finished, and I can finally say it's done!  I officially shot, composed, directed, and edited my first real video!   I compiled all of the leftover footage that (largely) wasn't used in the original video to stay inspired and offer a small thank you to all the people that helped me out while I was over there!  They were so patient and kind during the whole thing and I hope this video documents, despite the hectic moments, all of the fun I had while I was out there.

Also, if anyone is interested in the promotional video, here it is!

It's finally done, weeeeeee, now I can really explore Brooklyn!


  1. It made me cry because I'm their Mum. Thank you.

  2. Good job friend!!! You can't even tell how much we were complaining and freezing <3

  3. Feels so good! I'm glad you made the behind-the-scenes one, it's so merry and light. Lovely work, you!

  4. Utterly lovely. I would love to see this from you more often :) PS. Can I ask the name of the song you used for the first video?


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