zees veekend.

i, Spontaneously biking down to India Point park after work and finding a little bench to sit, eat bread, and read.
ii. & iii.  The Saturday morning Farmer's market!  I ran into people I knew AND got free apples.  There are always so many dogs and adorable old couples - it is the perfect way to start a day.
iv.  A before sleep hot cocoa that involved melting down dark chocolate chips, cinnamon, and a bit of cayenne.  I had some sort of spiritual experience.
v.  Sunday I biked out to volunteer on Scratch farm.  I just love that place. I'll be writing more about it, I know.

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  1. 1)Spiritual experience hot chocolate! Please fly here and make me one. Cayenne + hot chocolate are an impossibly pleasant combination.

    2)That farmer's market...jealous.

    3)You are working on a farm!!?? You're my role model.


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