a renaissance.

woodland gypsy by Leela CYD

I'm starting fresh on the nesting process!  I've gotten rid of all the old furniture, and we're starting over. I've compiled a few of my favorite inspiration photos for the new space.

gypsy living via handmade houses

literally all of joakim eskilden's work from the roma journeys


  1. oh man. and you totally need roomies, right? I want to live someplace like this! how do you even begin making a space awesome like this?

    beautiful, beautiful!

    I adore your style.

    1. Hee! Well, we're going to do the best with the apartment I've got - but I'd like to try to create this feeling in my little upstairs apartment. Hopefully when I'm close I'll be able to post photos!


  2. I love nesting and decorating! it's half way my day job, but also just so fun to collect. I see you reposted from Moon to Moon, my favorite home decor inspiration blog, that gal has awesome taste!

    Good luck! :)

  3. Yeah, looking for some of this good stuff as well, thinking of new places and homes and dreaming. Show us your results k?


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