the last bit.

I'm so sad to say this is my last bit of film from my time in Victoria.  It was our last lunch together and we shared a sweet afternoon eating fish and chips, (I had the most delicious salmon burger), and drinking ciders by the water.  

This past week things haven't been going that well for me.  It seems like it's one thing after another, and once I make progress one thing, another thing comes along to set me back further.  Blame it on the Mercury retrograde, or whatever you'd like, but there have been quite a few times this week where I've felt pretty defeated and wishing I could be lounging around, avoiding the rest of the world, with these people again.

And even despite all the setbacks, I've got a couple of good friends here who have been helping to keep my spirits light.  Times when your luck is so unbelievably bad, it is a blessing to have people around to help you laugh it off, and the warmth I've received from my classmates and friends abroad, have made all the difference.


  1. There are always more good times ahead :)

  2. Oh hon, I hope you get some new wind in your sails soon!

  3. Seems like a good place to chill with friends. :) Life will never let you walk alone. You will always have good friends who walk along with you. :)


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